Journal 4/A long way gone by Ishmael Beah

Protagonist: Ishmael Beah- Sierra Leone, sneaky, small, leader, war ravaged, angered, young, loving, savage, civilized, exhausted, robbed, witty, unlucky, lonely

Antagonist: the rebels (RUF): Cruel, brutal, savage, deceived, inhuman, unsanitary, Sierra Leone, determined, harsh, brave, powerful, dangerous, uncaring, disliked, evil

Themes:  reality of war, strength of unity, savagery of man, reality of war, power of freedom

Setting: big cities, little villages, dense forests, war-torn countrysides, loving families

Conflict: Man vs. Himself (Ishmael against his mind and memories), Man vs Man (Ishmael (in the army) against the rebels), Man vs Man (army soldiers against rebel soldiers), Man vs. Society (Ishmael (escaping Sierra Leone) against the rebels), Man vs Nature (Ishmael against the forces of nature)

List of main character’s hobbies: he likes to play, he likes to dance, he likes to rap, he likes to love, he likes to kill, he likes to torture, he likes to do drugs, he likes to be together, he likes to be loved, he likes to be peaceful, he likes to live

Parallel sentences: You down with OPP (Yeah you know me) You down with OPP (Yeah you know me) You down with OPP (Yeah you know me) Who’s down with OPP (Every last Homie).

  We walked in between two rows of men carrying machine guns, AK-47s, G3s, and RPG’s.

 Each soldier stood against the wall, took several deep breaths with his eyes closed, and gripped his gun tightly before beginning to run back toward the clearing. Some people got Adidas and others Nikes. I got a black Reebock Pump and was happier about my new crapes than anything else that was going on.

All he said was “not bad,” “Terrible,” and “Faster.”

We watched war movies, Rambo: First Blood, Rambo II, Commando, and so on, with the aid of a generator or sometimes a car battery.

Exposition: Ishmael Beah is a boy about 12 years old.

He lives with his older brother, Junior, and his dad.

Ishmael also has a mother and a younger brother who live in a village not to far away.

This story takes place in 1993 Sierra Leone near a mining region that is torn apart by rebels.

Ishmael is an innocent boy who loves rap and his family.

Rising Action: Ishmael goes to Mattru Jong with his friends and finds his village is attacked.

Ishmael and his brother are captured by rebels and they escape and become separated.

Ishmael joins a group of his old friends and begins a quest to find his family.

Ishmael watches his whole quest fall in vain after watching the village his family was in go up in flames.

Ishmael and his friends join the Sierra Leone army.

Ishmael tortures and kills many rebels.

Several boys are sent to a UNICEF camp to be rehabilitated.

Ishmael and other army boys kill rebel boys at the UNICEF camp.

The Army boys cause total and utter chaos at the camp.

Ishmael meets Esther and becomes civilized.

Ishmael finds out he has an uncle living in Freeport and is adopted by him.

Ishmael is selected to talk to the UN in New York about children soldiers.

Ishmael comes home as the rebels overthrow the Sierra Leone government and take control of Sierra Leone.

Ishmael’s uncle dies of sickness.

Climax: Ishmael realizes that the only way that he can possibly escape war is by leaving Sierra Leone so he decides to do so.

Falling Action: Ishmael boards an underground transportation system to get civilians out of the city.

Many tolls drain Ishmael of his money since there are many absurd fees.

Ishmael’s last item of value is taken from him which was his belt buckle of a lion.

Ishmael finally gets into Guinea with 2 pairs of shorts and 3 pairs of t-shirts.

Resolution: Ishmael meets a Sierra Leone person who helps him where to go and pays his fees.

Ishmael goes to the Sierra Leone Embassy where refugees are sheltered.

Ishmael listens to a mother telling her kids a story the way Ishmael’s mom used to.

Ishmael tells a story about a hunter who finds a monkey and must choose to kill it and lose his mother, or not kill it and lose his father.


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